March 7, 2019

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Increasing Efficiency, Transparency & Security in the Energy Sector

Incorporate Blockchain Technology to Enhance Service & Operations

Explore proven blockchain use-cases in order to understand how blockchain can be harnessed to meet the sector’s regulatory, operational, and market needs.

Inspiring Keynote Speakers

The Summit will bring you some of today’s most compelling and sought after thought-leaders from the world’s biggest brands who are driving change and innovation in the Oil & Gas arena.

Premium Networking Opportunities

Connect with and learn about the latest trends and best practices from industry senior executives and fellow blockchain enthusiasts.



The Blockchain Oil & Gas Summit will offer you a strategic understanding of how Blockchain Technology can make your energy business more secure, compliant, efficient and profitable. Fortune 500 executives alongside the creative technologists driving Blockchain adoption will share specific tactics for how to incorporate Blockchain into your enterprise transformation.



Check back regularly to discover new Advisors & Presenters as we continue to update the agenda. We can’t wait to share what we have planned for 2019!

CHAIR: Dr. Claudio Lima, Ph.D.

CHAIR: Dr. Claudio Lima, Ph.D.

Blockchain Engineering Council


Vincent Annunziato

Vincent Annunziato

Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection

Director, Business Transformation & Innovation Division

Mauricio Araya, Ph.D.

Mauricio Araya, Ph.D.

Shell International Exploration and Production Inc.

Senior Researcher Computer Science

Raquel B Clement

Raquel B Clement


Global Operations & Maintenance Category Manager

Ken Ebest

Ken Ebest


Application Architect

Jeff Lang

Jeff Lang

Breakthrough Fuel

Vice President Digital Transformation

Balaji Ramakrishnan

Balaji Ramakrishnan


Director Procurement & Supply Chain

Dr. Robello Samuel

Dr. Robello Samuel


Chief Technical Advisor and Technology Fellow

Farzad Sunavala

Farzad Sunavala


Digital DevOps Analyst


*Agenda is subject to change.

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Chairs’ Opening Remarks

  • Claudio Lima, Ph.D., Co-Founder, Blockchain Engineering Council – BEC

CHAIR: Dr. Claudio Lima, Ph.D.

Dr. Claudio Lima is an industry thought leader and entrepreneur in Advanced Digital Transformation. He’s the founder of the Blockchain Engineering Council – BEC, promoting the industry advances and the intersection of Internet of Things-IoT, Blockchain and Machine Learning/AI. He is leading advanced research and has created the industry vision and project initiatives to develop smart […]

Separating Myth from Reality: Blockchain in Oil and Gas in 2019

What is blockchain’s role in oil & gas?  What problems can this innovative technology solve? During this session separate myth from reality to understand the true potential of this breakthrough technology.  Moving beyond the technological side of blockchain, understand the business applications and the practical approach to identify projects that would benefit most from its utilization.   Overcome common misconceptions to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current and future capabilities of blockchain.  This session will provide details of the current work being done by the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection including their pilot program to use blockchain technology to verify NAFTA and CAFTA certificates which will improve pipeline traceability, and the programs they are conducting to ensure interoperability across blockchain platforms.

  • Vincent Annunziato, Director, Business Transformation & Innovation, Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection

Vincent Annunziato

Keynote Presentation: Blockchain Challenges, Opportunities and the Path Forward in Oil & Gas

Networking Break

Panel: Driving Supply Chain Innovation in Oil & Gas using Blockchain

Organizations today operate within a complex network of multiple suppliers, distributors, financial institutions, regulators and geographies. Incorporating DLT into your organization ensures more fluid interactions through the end-to-end supply chain at the same time allowing you to gain insight, agility, improved tracking and traceability. The panelists will discuss the ways in which blockchain has revolutionized their supply chain operations. Learn how to identify the areas in your organization where the tenets of blockchain will drive quick wins for enterprise-wide buy-in and supply chain excellence.

  • Balaji Ramakrishnan, Director Procurement and Supply Chain, BP

Balaji Ramakrishnan

Dr. Ramakrishnan is a Director of Procurement and Supply Chain Management at BP. An engineer turned procurement and logistics professional, Dr. Ramakrishnan has over twenty years’ experience in Sourcing, Procure to Pay, Materials Management and Warehousing. Prior to working at BP, Dr. Ramakrishnan spent eight years as a supply chain management consultant at Accenture solving […]

Early Pilot Case Study: Shell Oil’s Transformational Journey

As one of the early adopters and most vocal advocates blockchain technology, Shell is spearheading the ways to utilize this innovative technology to completely transform the oil and gas industry. During this session explore the ways that Shell leading a blockchain movement within the industry to solve some of their greatest challenges, and what their vision is for the future capabilities of this technology within the oil and gas sector.

  • Mauricio Araya, PhD, Senior Researcher Computer Science, Shell International Exploration and Production Inc.

Mauricio Araya, Ph.D.

Mauricio Araya Polo is a Senior Computer Scientist working for Shell International E&P Inc. He is currently leading efforts on diverse areas such as Seismic Imaging/Modeling and Compressive Sensing/Machine Learning. He is also an adjunct professor of the Computational and Applied Mathematics department at Rice University, where he teaches CAAM620. Previously, he worked for Repsol USA researching on near […]

Guiding Principles of Change Management and Internal Collaboration to Build a Foundation for Success

Blockchain is not a stand-alone solution. The power of blockchain depends on the organization’s ability to work together, taking a holistic view of the overall needs of the enterprise, and finding ways to embrace this technology and adapt. During this session understand the crucial importance of managing change throughout your journey and the levers to pull to gain the needed support and engagement. Ensure strategic alignment by developing a strategy and execution framework in-line with business objectives. In addition, understand what are the important questions to ask to dive deeply into the barriers and challenges of incorporating blockchain in your organization.

  • Raquel Clement, Production Operations Services Category Manager, Chevron

Raquel B Clement

Raquel’s Current responsibilities include lead and steward the procurement of operation services across all Upstream business units working within Chevron’s corporate Supply Chain Management department. Additional to her Chevron position, she also serves on the Board of Directors of the OOC Oil & Gas Blockchain Consortium Originally from Venezuela, she first joined Texaco Downstream, in […]

Networking Luncheon

Upside of Upstream: Blockchain as an Infrastructure to Drilling and Exploration Automation

The upstream segment is often seen as one of the most complex and technologically dependent of the oil and gas industry. As such, also comes with great opportunity to harness the capabilities of blockchain to increase operational agility and accuracy. Explore some of the unique challenges and opportunities in the upstream segment, particularly related to drilling and exploration. Learn how blockchain technology can substantially improve decision making speed, reduce uncertainty, enhance exploration and production accuracy, and gather real-time data resulting in a more streamlined and efficient enterprise.

  • Dr.Robello Samuel, Chief Technical Advisor and Technology Fellow, Halliburton

Dr. Robello Samuel

Dr. Robello Samuel is a Halliburton Technology Fellow with more than 34 years of multi-disciplinary experience in domestic and international oil and gas drilling. He has taught on the faculty of various universities and holds concurrent adjunct professor appointments at the University of Houston and USC, LA. Robello has published more than 180 technical papers, […]

Blockchain as an Enabler of the Sustainability Movement

Through transparency and accountability blockchain has the potential to be one of the most powerful tools to create a more sustainable world.  By removing inefficient and inaccurate ways to track sustainability efforts the organization will have the power to remove any risks of fraud, corruption and other uncertainties.  Furthermore, it will reduce costs and bureaucracy by being able to track and monitor in real-time which will in turn also encourage greater investment and engagement.  During this session uncover why is blockchain a near perfect solution for an organization’s sustainability movement.

  • Jeff Lang, Vice President Digital Transformation, Breakthrough Fuel

A Smart Contracts Primer for O&G Needs

Blockchain makes smart contracts possible by automating transactions that are commonly performed manually and removing the need for a financial and legal “middleman” to validate these transactions. By embracing smart contracts, transactions that would previously be burdensome, can become automatic creating vast efficiencies, reduction of costs, increase trust and transparency which will virtually eliminate costly contract disputes. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the upstream, midstream and downstream use cases for smart contracts to identify the most compelling areas to embark on your journey.

The Power and Promise of Blockchain Technology in Royalty Management

The current system for governing royalties and payments is extremely complex and costly, involving a number of parties/contracts, and often leads to disputes caused by inaccurate or insufficient data. Blockchain technology will drastically moderatize the current system and allow the organization to better navigate complex laws, court rulings and legal jargon that determines how billions of dollars are distributed every year. Move beyond paper contracts and seemingly endless spreadsheets to lower costs, reduce the risk of disputes, increase clarity and improve the overall transfer of money.

  • Vikrant Lakhanpal, Petroleum Engineer, Proline Energy Resources Inc

Transparency and Compliance: Blockchain Supported Regulatory Alignment

As one of the most heavily regulated industries, oil & gas companies invest a considerable about of time and resources ensuring full compliance to various regulatory authorities. The transparency, real-time visibility and security that is the inherent nature of blockchain technology can vastly reduce compliance costs as well as ensure critical information is always kept safe. During this session understand the vast benefits of blockchain specific to the regulatory aspect of your business and the applications of this transformation technology to ensure full compliance for your organization.

Networking Break

Incorporating Blockchain into your IoT Systems

Panel Discussion: Together in Consortia: Coalition Building for Effective Blockchains

The oil & gas industry has a deep history of seeking collaborative partners to achieve a common goal. Blockchain at its core requires collaboration to be most effective. As such, the industry is uniquely suited to fully capitalize on the endless opportunities blockchain technology will present by creating a blockchain consortium. During this session hear from a panel of leading experts on how they have found ways to work with both allies and competitors to build and operate blockchain-based business platforms. Understand the nuances of planning, investment, trust and commitment to ensure success today and many years to come.

  • Ken Ebest, Application Architect, ExxonMobil
  • Farzad Sunavala, Digital DevOps Analyst, Chevron

Ken Ebest
Farzad Sunavala

Farzad Sunavala is currently a Digital DevOps Analyst for Drilling and Completions at Chevron. Farzad has extensive knowledge in the digital oilfield, particularly in the D&C space, working with emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Data Science, AR/VR, Citizen Development, RPA, and many more. Prior to Chevron, Farzad graduated from Louisiana State University a with B.S […]

Chairs’ Closing Remarks

  • Claudio Lima, Ph.D., Co-Founder, Blockchain Engineering Council – BEC

CHAIR: Dr. Claudio Lima, Ph.D.

Dr. Claudio Lima is an industry thought leader and entrepreneur in Advanced Digital Transformation. He’s the founder of the Blockchain Engineering Council – BEC, promoting the industry advances and the intersection of Internet of Things-IoT, Blockchain and Machine Learning/AI. He is leading advanced research and has created the industry vision and project initiatives to develop smart […]

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